We have extensive experience with filing and/or defending lawsuits in state and federal courts. We can help you with anything from the simple breach of contract case between two parties, to the complex case between multiple parties that involves numerous claims, counterclaims, third party claims, and cross-claims. In addition to breach of contract, we routinely handle matters with claims of fraud, fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation, negligence, unjust enrichment, defective construction, breach of building codes, breach of restrictive covenants, lien enforcement, interference with business relations, piercing the corporate veil, breach of fiduciary duty, civil conspiracy, libel, slander, specific enforcement, contribution, and indemnity. When necessary, we will seek an injunction or temporary restraining order to preserve the status quo. Although litigation is often not the fastest or cheapest route to resolution, sometimes it is the only route.

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North Carolina requires mediation for all state court cases, meaning that all sides in a dispute must try to work out a settlement. Mediators attempt to help the parties bridge the gap and reach a resolution, which differs from judges and arbitrators who issue judgements. Parties are not required to settle at mediation, but they often do. Regardless of how disputes initially arise, our commitment is to resolve them economically and efficiently. We help our clients resolve disputes through mediation both before and during lawsuits. Our lawyers recognize that effective advocacy comes in many forms. In fact, one of our lawyers is a certified mediator.

Arbitration exists as an alternative to litigation. Arbitration occurs outside of the court system and before a single or panel of arbitrators. On the other hand, litigation involves filing a lawsuit in state or federal court and obtaining a verdict by a judge or jury. Many contracts, especially construction contracts, require parties to settle disputes through arbitration instead of litigation. This process must be taken as seriously as litigation, and we have successfully helped our clients prepare for and prosecute numerous arbitration proceedings.