We help general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, owners, developers, and construction and property managers with construction contracts. This includes drafting, negotiating, and revising contracts, as well as writing and responding to default notices. Ortiz & Doyle can also assist with obtaining time extensions, change order requests, and drafting lien waivers.

”As a contractor, results are an absolute must. … Their personal attention and dedication to obtaining final results is what makes these guys stand above the rest.”

Robbie McConnell
McConnell Construction, Inc.

Disputes, Litigation, Arbitration

We understand that almost every construction project does not go as planned. Whether it is a missed deadline, weather delay, hidden condition such as wet soil or excessive moisture, defective materials, shoddy workmanship, or a lack of supervision, disputes or misunderstandings arise.  To overcome these unforeseen obstacles, Ortiz & Doyle can help file liens, make claims under surety bonds, file suit, initiate arbitration, or whatever it takes to defend and solve problems.