Ortiz & Schick Announces New Partner Sean F. Doyle

From the beginning of our careers, most attorneys aspire to become a partner.  As we all quickly learn, becoming a partner in a law firm takes dedication, hard work, long hours, ambition, and that thing that sets you apart from all the others.  You not only must do great work, but also forge great relationships with your clients, peers, opposing counsel, and most importantly, you must grow your business.  Attorney Sean Doyle has done all of that.  And that is why it gives us great pleasure to announce that Sean is now a partner at Ortiz & Schick.

Sean has been with us as an associate since 2012.  He will continue to focus his practice on the litigation of business, surety, construction, and commercial real estate disputes.  Sean is also becoming an all star in the realm of Fair Housing law.  Whether it is an apartment resident requesting their pet pig be recognized as an emotional support animal (and, therefore, be allowed to live in the apartment), or an online psychologist handing out service animal certificates to anyone willing to pay the right price, Sean has seen and heard it all.  He routinely reviews and advises multi-state property management companies regarding reasonable accommodation and modification requests, along with compliance with state and federal fair housing laws for their multi-family communities. And he writes about it in his blog, FairHousingIssuesReview.

We are excited about this next phase of our firm and all that Sean will bring to it as a partner.  It is impossible for us to do what we do without great people, and Sean is a stellar example of just that.