10th Anniversary

Why We Are Here – 10 Years Later

Last month we celebrated our 10th anniversary at Caffé Luna in Raleigh with friends, family, clients, fellow attorneys, judges, and many others we have met over the past decade. We are here because of all of those people and their support and trust. We are here because our clients have come back time and time again, as their businesses have grown or changed, or as new needs have arisen. We are here because our spouses supported us when we had rough days, when we had late nights, and when cases did not go as planned. We are here because of the other legal professionals that we have genuinely enjoyed working with. And we are here because of each other – because the stressful and busy moments are not as overwhelming when the entire office family is your support system. Thank you! Thank you to each and every one of you who celebrated with us, whether in person or in spirit.

We hope you enjoy a few photos from our celebration!  (photo credit to Callie Doty)

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